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Tooth Bleaching in Burley, Idaho

There are many options to improve a beautiful smile with whitening.  A good place to start is with over-the-counter products sold in the toothpaste isle in stores, such as Crest White Strips.  

For faster, better results, our Burley dental office offers two options. 

1- Professional grade tooth whitening bleach which can be purchased at Evans Dental for use with custom trays.   After just a few weeks of use, we usually see great results with this take home option. 

2- We also offer an in-office treatment with a very high concentration that can leave your teeth 1-2 shades lighter in just a single, 1 hour visit.  

Tooth Whitening Special

We are offering FREE professional take home bleach and trays for our patients.  Call us today to schedule  (208) 647-4441. 

Teeth Whitening

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