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Abscessed Tooth Treatment in Burley, Idaho

Swelling and Infection

Infection or swelling around a tooth is often related to an infection which has extended into the nerve and roots of a tooth.  The pain and swelling can come on out of nowhere.

If the swelling and infection has remained confined to the oral cavity and mouth area – these conditions can usually be treated in office.  Treatment may include antibiotic prescription, root canal therapy, or tooth extraction. It all depends on the tooth and the extent of the decay.


When the infection is not related to a bad tooth, it is often related to your gums.  Infected gums can turn into a condition called Periodontitis resulting in bleeding and painful areas of the gums.  They may be red and painful and bleed when brushing and flossing.  It is abnormal for gums to bleed in excess amounts. 


If this is the case, please visit our office for a consultation. 

If you are having swelling of your under your chin or in your neck, making it difficult to breath – this may be a more serious condition and compromise airway and breathing and you need to seek medical help right away.  

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